First of all, my name is Maija Heinilä. I am a Finnish citizen who has had a priviledge to have lived both in the USA and in Norway/Finland - all three countries I call home. I got my education (mainly in International Relations, Economics and Personnel Management, and Management) from the USA and Norway. I have four wonderful children.

I work as Head of Section  at the University of Southeast Norway. 

I live in Revetal near the town of Tønsberg, the oldest town in Norway. Tønsberg is situated one hour south from Oslo. Revetal is a small community (pop. 4000) in the country side but it is relatively close to Oslo, Tønsberg and Horten and a great place to raise children. We have a home in Visten, Sweden as well.

My hobbies include judging dogs as a FCI judge, and to breed dogs - though I do both in quite small scale. I travel a lot (both as a judge, and as part of my work) and I truly do enjoy different cultures and people of all kinds.

Currently I have only one dog at home but many on breeding contracts with my friends.