My SWD Breeding Philosophy

Breed-typical SWDs to give joy to their owners and society

As my understanding of the breed increases I am sure to make changes to my goals in breeding this wonderful breed.


I will post all pertinent information I receive about Milkcreek puppies on this home page, and/or report these to the breeding committee in the national club. It is of utmost importance we are open of the problems we encounter in our puppies - this is the only way the breeders are able to choose combinations that compliment each other when it comes to health. Posting health/mentality connected news just means you are concerned about the breed's wellbeing. There are NO litters without challenges!

Every breeder encounters challenges in the litters - be aware of the breeder that only breeds "perfect puppies".

Breed Character
Our breeding stock must have a character typical of the breed and suitable for the society.

Socialization, guidance and follow-up
1. Our puppies are socialized in the middle of everyday life with good exposure to all common sounds, different types of people and animals while they are with us. We regard the socialization process of a litter as one of the most important things we can do for the future of the puppy.

2. Our puppy buyers get a knowledgeable follow-up - most of us have more than 20 years of experience in dog behavior and breeding of different types of breeds.

Functional Health
Our goal is to breed dogs who live a long life without ailments which diminish the quality of life

1. puppies receive regular wormings and are fed with the best possible feed.

2. With us, the puppies have received a lot of exercise on suitable terrain, among other things, to give the muscles and hip joints the best possible starting point for healthy development

3. The puppies are registered at NKK and sold with a full veterinary certificate and puppy guide (and more).

Hip dysplasia / Elbow dysplasia
1. Our breeding Stock is officially screened for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

2. We sell our puppies only to people who understand the importance of known status on HD and ED, and have promised in the purchase contract to officially have their puppies screened before the age of 2 years. HD and ED are polygenetic disorders and therefore we must have the information from the whole litter in order to predict the propensity of our breeding stock.

Eye Screening (ECVO) and PRA
1. All our breeding stock have a known PRA status (from mid 2018 - also officially on NKK's dog web). Carriers of the PRA mutation can only be bred to individuals who are free of the mutation.

2. All our own breeding stock is officially ECVO eye screened before first mating.

3. We sell our puppies only to people who understand the importance of the known status of the ECVO, and therefore promised in the purchase contract to have their puppy officially eye-screened (ECVO) before the age of 2 years. ECVO screens for polygenetic disorders and therefore we must have the information from the whole litter in order to estimate the propensity of our breedingstock in his ailment.

Allergies, Hormone Disorders, NAD, Dilution, etc.

We promise to disclose all the diagnoses our dogs and our puppies get on our web pages. No dog is without problems - the most important thing for us is that no dog with conditions affecting quality of life is used in breeding, and dogs are bred with knowledge and enough information about the lines to avoid doubling up harmful genes.

Breed-typical Conformation Based on the Breed Standard
The breed standard is based on an anatomy that is optimal for the tasks this breed was developed to perform. Therefore, our goal is to breed dogs that reflect the description in the breed standard.

You can read the breed standard for FCI Perro de agua Espanol her:

Reading material: