Norwegian Kennel Club's Breeders Award

Kennel Milkcreek was awarded the Norwegian Kennel Club's breeder's Award in 2011 for outstanding breeding. This award has been given only to one BMD breeder, and no other SWD breeder.

There are many I would like to thank for this award, among these are:

- My puppy buyers who have shown my dogs on exhibitions, and always taken all the required health examinations. Vigdis and Ole Einar Løken have given my kennel the name it has globally. I am forever grateful!
- The owners of males I have been able to include in my breeding program.

- My mentors: experienced breeders like Willy and Else at kennel Tiroheimen and Liv Flathus, as well as Mrs. Martha Cehrs.

- Norwegian kennel Club for giving me opportunities for learning in connection with education as a judge, and a lecturer for NKK.

- My family has always helped me with the practical stuff

Thank you very much - without you, no success!