I am a reader. I have books on differend breeds, breeding, judging, mentality, anatomy etc. in Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English - and I have labored through books in German and Spanish as well. Here are some of the books and articles teaching me on my way as a judge and breeder.Enjoy!

Canine Genetics

Genetics for Dog Breeders. Robinson

Genetikk, avl og oppdrett. NKK

**Genetics of the Dog. Malcolm B. Willis

Canine Reproduction/Breeding

Understanding Animal Breeding. Bourdon

The Standard Book on Dog Breeding: Dr. Alvin Grossman

**Dogs and How to Breed Them. Hillary Harmar

Parning och valpning. Barbro Eklund

Parempaan pentutulokseen. Koirankasvattajan käsikirja. Helena Koskentalo

*Another Piece of the puzzle: Puppy development. Pat Hastings

**Tricks of the Trade - from best intensions to Best in Show. Pat Hastings

**Keys to Top Breeding. Pekka Hannula, Marjo Nygård

The Whelping and rearing of Puppies. Muriel P. Lee

*Born to Win. Breed to Succeed. Patricia Craige

Winning with Pure Breed Dogs. Success By Design. Alvin Grossman

*Obstetrikk hos hund og katt. Dr. Astrid Indrebø

Canine Health

Er hunden syk - forebygge-helbrede. Wikström

Förstehjelp for hunder. Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Stell av smådyr. Dag Wilhelmsen

Canine Anatomy and Locomotion

K-9 Structure and Terminology. Gilbert and Brown

*Dogsteps. A New Look. Rachel P. Elliott

*Dogs in Motion. Dr. Martin Fischer

**The Dog in Action. Mc Dowell, Lyon

Dog Anatomy. Goody

Dog Conformation and its Evaluation. Eugene Yerusalimsky

What's Your Angle: Understanding Angulation and Structure for the Performance Dog. Grinnel King

*Structure in Action. The Making of a Durable Dog. Pat Hastings

Kaunis koira. Juha Kares

Judging Dogs

**Koiranäyttelykirja. Rainer Vuorinen

Showing Your Dog. Cunliffek

Take Them Round, Please. Tom Horner

An Eye for a Dog. Illustraded guide to judging purebreed dogs. Cole

The Science and Technique in Judging Dogs. Berndt

Canine Mentality/Sports

Agility Action. Hansson

Din Hund - som valp og unghund. Sven Järverud

Kaunis koira. Juha Kares

The Psychology of Dogs

Interesting Articles 

On Front Construction

On Breathing

On Out-cross, Line-breeding

On Reach and Drive vs. Body Proportions

On Canine Herpes (Juha Kares)

On Canine Mentality (Juha Kares)

On Front Structure (Juha Kares)

On Free Whelping (Juha Kares)

On Ribcage (Juha Kares)

How to Get More Milk (Juha Kares)

Koira syö kakkaa (Juha Kares)

Kymmenen suurinta virhettä pentueiden teettämisessä (Juha Kares)

Parhaat kymmenen tapaa varmistaa että saat hyväluontoisen pennun (Juha Kares)

10 biggest reasons for dogs behaviour problems (Juha Kares)

On Breeding Type (Juha Kares)

Nartun kantoaika ja pentujen luonne (Juha Kares)